Awaken your sense

June 2019- The SK-II Boutique Spa is introducing a new range of advanced skincare solutions-the Senze Awakening treatments. This range of treatments offers effective skin solutions, rival that of some Aesthetics procedures without the painful needles by combining an Advanced Technology with an infusion of active ingredients into the skin.

Senze Awakening Facial (90 minutes)

The latest facial from the SK-II Boutique Spa incorporates gentle firming facial massage combining with not only one, but three advanced skincare solutions: WishPro MIT technology head, WishPro Organic Peel with Safe-scrub™, LED Light Therapy Mask, together with the SK-II products to brighten dull, lack lustre skin with lasting effect and promote healthy skin health via effective lymphatic drainage.

The facial starts with calming Aromatic Rituals, followed by the spa’s signature Triple-cleansing step, steaming with Distilled water & extraction. Next is the pampering facial massage follows by the WishPro treatment. WishPro MIT (magnetic impulse technology) head is used to convert electromagnetic pulses into active energy for effective lymphatic drainages & to increase cell oxygenation as well as delivering the key ingredients through the skin barriers. At the same time, the WishPro Peel Exfoliator capsule is used to gently remove dead skin cells. Sweet Almond Oil & the unique Safe-scrub™ technology used to produce the exfoliator minimizes any skin irritations. This follows by the LED mask with customized light therapy to further strengthen & rejuvenate the skin. The 90-minute treatment ends with the application of SK-II products.

Senze Awakening Add-on Treatment (+15minutes)

For those already have a favourite SK-II facial in mind, simply ADD ON to the facial for an extra boost of rejuvenation & repair. There are 3 treatment capsules available to choose from for a personalized solution:

  • Intensive Hydration & Repairing
  • Rejuvenation & Revitalisation
  • Skin Brightening & Skin Luminosity
  • Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation

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Atome terms of use

Payment via Atome is limited to Flexi3500 spa package and selected promotion (as stated in the promotion terms) and to be processed at the spa outlet. Standard spa package

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