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Three essential post-voyage skin remedies that every weary flyer should turn to upon touch-down

Frequent flyers would be all too familiar with how much traveling can wreak havoc on one’s skin: From the Xerosis (abnormally dry skin) resulting from prolonged exposure to air conditioning on-board to a noticeable loss of elasticity that comes with jet lag and flight fatigue. Puffy eyes, cracked lips, and dull, rough skin texture are some of the many additional ailments that can easily plague your facial outlook after several hours on the plane.

Being home to one of the world’s most renowned international skincare brand names, SK-II Boutique Spa understands the toll each journey can take on your overall health and well-being, especially for those well accustomed to long-haul flights from continent to continent.

Whether you may be traveling for business or for pleasure, you can now dare to bare your face after touching down thanks to three “Senzational” treatments that serve as powerful fixer-uppers to renew, rejuvenate and purify – such that you can take on a fresh and youthful appearance, no matter where you’ve been.

Senze Oxygenated Facial (105 min)

A lack of humidity and oxygen, as well as high-pressure conditions, are common stressors to the skin while traveling in-flight. Oxygen not only rejuvenates the cells and detoxifies but also can be used to alleviate sensitive and acne/psoriasis/eczema ridden skin too.

The Senze Oxygenated Facial is recommended for all skin types, ages, and stages in life. Up to 98% of pure oxygen is infused and delivered deep into the skin safely with an oxygen spray; a separate application of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence supports even more effective penetration. The skin on your face will be more hydrated, radiant, and younger-looking with a plumped-up appearance.

Senze EO+ Facial (105 min)

Let your nerves unfurl after a long, exhausting flight to the invigorating and calming scents of Aromatherapy. This signature facial provides a completely bespoke experience according to specific skin types and your olfactory preferences. Promoting holistic wellness of the body, mind, and skin. This facial is chockful of goodness including Certified Organic Essential Oils that are free of pesticide and harmful substances, selection of premium oils such as Rose Otto (touted “Liquid Gold”), extra-long 40-minute facial massage promoting relaxation and lymphatic drainage, and the goodness of SK-II. Suitable for most skin types even with sensitive or acne-prone skins. The perfect facial for restoring the balance of your skin & soul!

Senzational Facial (90 min)

Activating the right pressure points on your face will not only help you to relax and unwind but also improves circulation for a brighter, more youthful complexion. For centuries, the art of massage has been known to help prevent and treat wrinkles as well. This all-time favourite features SK-II’s 55-step face massage technique, while supercharging your facial appearance and features with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, refining and re-boosting experience that is specially designed to tackle multiple skin concerns. For individuals with busy lifestyles and who want to have it all within a single session – this is it.



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