Service Philosophy

“We Love Your Skin – Driven By Passion & Obsession”

Our reputation of exceptional service and high customer satisfaction is attributed to the following:

Our People

Our people is our brand and asset. We understand the rapport between our customers and our beauty therapists is vital in one’s skincare journey. Therefore, we focus on providing extensive training and ensuring service continuity. Our team will commit and dedicate their best service to bring you an excellent skincare journey for the long-run.

We are committed to our mission of delivering excellence not only in the services we provide but also impacting the lives of those who receive them positively.







Our Innovation

In addition to our traditional, tried & tested facial techniques delivered skilfully by the hands of our beauty therapists, we combine the use of advanced technology & synergistic solutions to deliver superior treatment successes.

Furthermore, no treatment is complete without the application of SK-II, which forms a powerful synergy to improve treatment results that are sustainable, enriching and natural. Achieving such a synergistic mix is only possible at the exclusive SK-II Boutique Spa.
Our top of the range treatment services that are highly recommended include:

Attention To Details

As small details are often overlooked, what appears insignificant can have a big impact on your skin health and compromise your protection barrier.
At the SK-II Boutique Spa, we go beyond skin deep to understand how we can deliver greater skin wellness beyond products and treatments. Here are some of the minute details we have conceived to provide a blissful and lush comfort to you while you are under SK-II treatments.

The Senzational Bed

A nasty stress hormone called Cortisol is the skin’s silent enemy. An oversupply of it will quicken skin ageing such as visible fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and dull skin.

Hence, we introduced the Senzational bed to our customers in 2007, designed with “keeping the cortisol at bay” in mind and coupled with an ultimate 5-star experience to pamper our customers for a total refreshed and recharged mind, body and soul after treatment.

The Senzational bed’s primary aim is to induce deep relaxation to lower the body’s internal stress (cortisol) level during treatment and reduce skin fatigue. This will help the skin relax and absorb the full benefit of the treatments & SK-II products.

To elevate your spa experience, our Senzational Bed comes complete with a heavenly 5-cm thick feather-filled topper, enveloped in soft linens, fluffy comforter, and a heat pad. Getting your deserved rest, you will be whisked away into relaxing sleep, refreshing your mind, body and soul during the session.

The Water

With 60% of our body made up of water, we pay extra attention to the quality of water used at the spa for both treatment and consumption. While normal tap water is hygienic, it contains elements such as chlorine and traces of impurities that are not desirable for a healthy skin.
The water that is used for your treatments and facial steamers is 4-staged purified & distilled, respectively. Your skin will be treated to the cleanest & purest form of water with the perfect pH balance for cleansing, steaming & treatment. Customers are also offered high-quality antioxidant alkaline water as refreshment, which has additional health benefits and increases the chances of a glowing skin.

New Customer Exclusive

Welcome to your first journey to crystal clear skin. Enjoy an exclusive offer on your first facial and be on your way to change your skin destiny!

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