Understanding Exosomes and Their Potential in Facial Treatments

SK-II Boutique Spa recently introduced a new exosome-enriched treatment, Senze Regen-X Skin Healer, that utilises a game-changing extracellular ingredient—exosomes.

Exosomes are revolutionary due to their advanced potential to renew and brighten skin via cell communication and rejuvenation.

What Exactly Are Exosomes?

Much like well-coordinated communication networks ensure smooth operations, exosomes play a similar role by transmitting signals among skin cells to regenerate, produce more collagen and balance hydration.

Think of exosomes as messengers that deliver proteins, genetic codes etc. to repair aged cells and restore them to their brand new, healthy state.

These extracellular vesicles are naturally secreted and rich in proteins, nucleic acids and other bioactive molecules. They also possess strong tissue penetration which makes them ideal for use in skincare treatments.

Benefits of Exosomes in SK-II Boutique Spa’s Latest Pro-Care Treatment

Unlike stem cells and other therapies, exosomes can be instructed to perform specific actions. In the Senze Regen-X Skin Healer, exosomes are designed to help skin cells regenerate at a faster rate so you can look years younger in a matter of days.

Exosome-enriched skincare also increases skin collagen in the treated areas by up to six-fold and elastin levels by up to 300%. These increased levels of collagen and elastin result in noticeable improvements in skin texture, brightness and hydration, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots like a time machine.

Where Do SK-II Boutique Spa’s Exosomes Come From?

Exosomes used in the Senze Regen-X Skin Healer are extracted from a famous South Korean medicinal plant—the Euphorbia Supina. This native plant is registered in the ICID (International Cosmetics Dictionary) for its potent medicinal & healing properties.

Other active ingredients used in the Regen-X Serum work together with these plant-based exosomes to provide anti-inflammatory, hydrating and whitening functions. 

Needleless Mesotherapy

While there are many ways to penetrate skincare products into the skin, Needleless Mesotherapy is chosen to ensure the deepest penetration as well as customer’s comfort. 

Leveraging on “electroporation” technology (needleless) to achieve the same effect as micro needling to penetrate the middle (dermis) layer of the skin. It is safe, painless with no downtime.  Furthermore, the treatment can be customized based on customer’s preferences by adjusting the strength, depth, speed, and dosage of the device delivery to ensure comfort throughout the session.

Senze Regen-X Skin Healer Add-on is available now at $358 / Member $298.

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Senze Regen-X Skin Booster Add-on Treatment* ($358, 20min)

is available at the SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus from December 1, 2023 onwards.

Customers can enjoy a first trial promotion at $250 until 31 January 2024 (terms apply).

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*available as an add-on to a facial treatment only.  Facial treatment is sold separately.

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