Why Our SK-II Facial Treatments Work So Well

The essence of the luxurious facials at our spa (pun intended) is in our namesake—SK-II Boutique Spa. But what makes our professional facial treatments live up to the hype of multiple yearly spa awards is more than just SK-II’s renowned PITERA™ formulation.

Don’t misunderstand! Our use of the luxury Japanese skincare brand’s iconic essence does play a large part in our luxurious, rejuvenating spa treatments.

SK-II’s revolutionary discovery of PITERA™, a unique yeast-derived ingredient found in the process of sake brewing combined with over 50 other micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids, completely lives up to its famous reputation as a miracle essence.

A favorite among celebrities and skin specialists worldwide, we use PITERA™ alongside other SK-II flagship products in our signature facial treatments to achieve that dewy, radiant afterglow and complete skin rejuvenation.


Advanced Aesthetic Technology

As a licensed collaboration spa between Japanese brand SK-II and Singapore’s homegrown skincare and lifestyle brand, Senze Salus, one of the highlight of SK-II Boutique Spa’s facial treatments is our use of cosmetic science and the latest aesthetic technology to personalize facial treatment programmes to suit a wide array of skin types and concerns.

Our spa’s best facials utilize the benefits of radiofrequency (RF) technology, ultrasound and LED to restore the natural function of skin cells, promote micro-circulation and collagen production beyond the limits of age.

In the Senze Brilliance Facial (winner of Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2023), triad-technology featuring ultrasound, electroporation RF and photon LED is used to boost skin radiance from within. The Senze Enchanting Facial leverages similar skincare technology in order to target all five skin dimensions for ultimate skin transformation.

And in our latest facial add-on, Senze Regen-X Skin Healer, SK-II Boutique Spa has introduced the latest biotech discovery of plant-extract exosomes to increase your skin’s natural ability to regeneration and produce collagen through the non-invasive technique, needleless mesotherapy, to ensure maximum absorption and zero discomfort!


Stellar Service Standards

More than just applying the best products and using the latest technology, SK-II Boutique Spa sets extremely high standards for the service we provide to customers. After all, skincare is for the long-haul—which is why we ensure all our expert skincare therapists are passionate about what they do and possess an average of eight years of experience.

The unrivaled premium facial spa experience we offer is possible due to our high staff retention which allows customers to develop meaningful, long-term and trusting relationships with their attending skincare therapist.

Each customer’s facial journey begins with a unique Senze Diagnostic & Treatment Mapping which delves deep into the layers of the skin and uncovers hidden skin conditions and problems that are not obvious at first glance. Your attending skincare therapist will then use the results of the diagnostic to map out a customized treatment plan that targets all your concerns and goals during the course of treatment.

Embark on an immersive and enriching skincare journey at SK-II Boutique Spa accompanied by a talented skincare therapist who is familiar with your skin for higher levels of comfort, relaxation and more effective results!

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